Do u know breaking dawn

by: Daniellelovesmusic1

avert ur eyes if u havent made it to at least half way trought the book spoilers ahead

  1. 1

    how many pages does breaking dawn have closet to it

  2. 2

    does bella get married to edward or leave him standing at the alter

  3. 3

    where is the honey moon if any

  4. 4

    on there honey moon what happens

  5. 5

    is any part of the book narrirated by someone other than bella

  6. 6

    does jacob ever come back

  7. 7

    does bella try to deliver the baby

  8. 8

    what hapens after the baby is born

  9. 9

    what does bella name the baby

  10. 10

    what is the babys middle name

  11. 11

    does alice run away

  12. 12

    does the volturi intervene

  13. 13

    does bella have any special gifts when she becoms a vampire

  14. 14

    does jacob ever imprint on any one

  15. 15

    if yes who

  16. 16

    does alice ever come back

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