Finish The Lyrics!!! (READ DESCRIPTION)

by: MandMs

includes songs from:
hsm 2
cheetah girls 2
the phantom of the opera
sponge bob theme song

okay i made this quiz because im really bored i don't know lots of good songs, so this is pretty much it. ok at beginning you'll see where it's from and the name of the song. then the lyrics your supposed to finish. the very last one is one i made up just guess

  1. 1

    (Annie-"Maybe") So maybe now this prayer's ______________________

  2. 2

    (Spongebob-Theme Song) Who lives _______________________

  3. 3

    (HSM 2-Fabulous) A Dip in the pool, _________________________

  4. 4

    (Phantom of the Opera-Angel of Music) Secret and ______ Angel

  5. 5

    (Cheetah Girls 2-Strut Like You Mean It) You gotta strut like you mean it, ___________

  6. 6

    (Chocolate is GREAT!) Go chocolate, chocolate is great! chocolate cookies____________________

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