Do you understand Guyspeak?

by: withloveforever
  1. 1

    After the first date he tells he'll call you. He means

  2. 2

    In your yearbook, your crush wrote, "Dont be a stranger!" He means

  3. 3

    Your raving about Nick Jonas (or whoever) when your Bf rolls his eyes and says "Hes a loser." Thats because

  4. 4

    Your guy friend asks if you whant to catch a movie. When you arrive with your best bud he grumbles, "I didnt know you where bringing her" Whats his damage?

  5. 5

    You finally get the nerve to tell a guy friend your into him. He says he doesnt what to risk your friendship. He means

  6. 6

    You tell your crush your staying in tonight and he says "My friends and I are going to Starbucks" hes

  7. 7

    Youre ranting to your best guy friend about a recent argument with your bf. Your GBF says "He doesnt deserve you" He means

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