Sopranos Quiz


You think youknow alot about the HBO series The Sopranos. If so you came to the right quiz.

  1. 1

    What does Tony eat every day for breakfast?

  2. 2

    Why does Bobby punch Tony when Tony was at Bobby summer house?

  3. 3

    What was AJ's girlfriend's son named?

  4. 4

    What two things did Tony offer Finn after his interigation about Vito?

  5. 5

    What soft drink was offered to Matt Bevallaqua before he was murderd?

  6. 6

    What type of Cancer was Paulie diagnosed with?

  7. 7

    The death of Carmine was a result of....

  8. 8

    True or False: Paulie gets Whacked during the war

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