R u a good babysitter?

by: iDontWannaBeInLove

do u suck at babysitting or not?

  1. 1

    ur babysitting 2 kids, Austin, 6, and Dylan, 4. They r good kids but can be annoying and greedy but rarely. They want popsicles b4 dinner but that was 1 thing the parents said not 2 do. Do u do it?

  2. 2

    ok its like 8:15. the parents said to get them to bed at 8:30...what do u tell the kids?

  3. 3

    now u have to babysit Hailey and Ryan, the 5 yr old twins. they are so sweet but dont obey orders sometimes. but not like in a bratty way. they r watching tv and u notice some bad words. what do u do?

  4. 4

    Ryan starts throwing a fit because he just found out his favorite toy broke. what do u do?

  5. 5

    ur babysitting a real real brat. Maddie,8 is the brattiest brat i no. ur babysitting her and she wants to go buy a new wii game with her moms credit card. u say no and she throws a huge fit major.

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