The Could u be my GF 3.0.

by: Stewe

It's alot deeper!

  1. 1

    First off im 13..... (almost 14) and you are) - tell the truth

  2. 2

    And you are a...... (and dont lie)

  3. 3

    Now im kinda short (lik 5 ft) do u mind that...?

  4. 4

    Im also a vegetarian.... any problems with that

  5. 5

    Ur idea of the perfect first date...

  6. 6

    Would u say ur athletic

  7. 7

    Ur fav sport is.....

  8. 8

    Do u get jelous of bf's (er anyone fer that matter) when they go sumwhere or get sumthei nice?

  9. 9

    looks are... (in a guy)

  10. 10

    O, and i also have long hair fer a guy (lik not real long but kinda...) do u care

  11. 11

    do u hav aim er yahoo mesngr

  12. 12

    Where do u live

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