How well do you know "The Outsiders"?

by: bAmbAMurDeAD

if u havent even heard of The Outsiders (omg thats like my favoritest book/movie ever!!!!)

  1. 1

    who is the main character in The Outsiders

  2. 2

    what is a Soc

  3. 3

    how old is ponyboy

  4. 4

    ponyboy is a BOY for all of those who didnt know.

  5. 5

    ponyboy is mine.

  6. 6

    who are ponyboy's older brothers

  7. 7

    what causes ponyboy to run away from home with johnny

  8. 8

    who dies at the end

  9. 9

    what does johnny tell ponyboy before he dies (hint hint i just gave you an answer to the question before)

  10. 10

    if you have seen the movie, who is hotter

  11. 11

    what are greasers

  12. 12

    who is the joker of the gang

  13. 13

    who are all of the members of the gang of greasers

  14. 14

    who are siblings in The Outsiders

  15. 15

    why did soda drop out of school

  16. 16

    what Soc did johnny kill

  17. 17

    if ur a The Outsiders fanatic then u probably would've done good on the test

  18. 18

    i would've put more in but i was in a hurry

  19. 19

    who is ur favorite character

  20. 20

    who is ur least favorite character

  21. 21

    did you pretty much guess on most of these

  22. 22

    how did ponyboy's parents die (i know so sad)

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