The Perfect Boyfriend maker

by: edwardcullenluvsme

This quiz has five questions that test your personality and creates for you the perfect boyfriend. If I get enough comments I will continue your adventures with your brand-new boyfriend. Also, post a comment to a link w/ a picture of what you think your BF should look like and the first pic I get I will use on future quizzes for that guy. Have fun, and note that I will only continue if I get enough comments...
I'm new to quiz-making, so tips are appreciated.

  1. 1

    Which of these stereotypes fits you best?

  2. 2

    Which of these pictures your personality best?

  3. 3

    Which sentence tells most about your social life?

  4. 4

    Which of these is closest to your perfect date?

  5. 5

    Which twilight/Harry Potter character is most like you?

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