Which Labyrinth Character are You?

Which Labyrinth Character are You?

by: DuctTapeTux

So for all those who watched the Labyrinth (the one with David Bowie) and want to see which character they are most. I'll be using questions that don't really apply to the movie so it wont be like "If the goblin king stole you baby you would..." and things like that.

Okay heres the quiz, answer honestyl or else regret it

  1. 1

    Somebody you know is really upset. You...

  2. 2

    Your little brother/ sister is crying (again). You...

  3. 3

    Two kids in your school are pestering you. You...

  4. 4

    For the big dance you wear....

  5. 5

    Your favorite song is one that...

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