by: StrawberryTWILIGHT

Random, hopefully tricky, questions ( :
-first book only (haha, as the name of the quiz suggests!!!)

  1. 1

    On the day Bella told Edward her favourite gemstone changes with his eye colour someone turns up at her house after school... Who is it??

  2. 2

    Edward is in the meadow and is explaining his adiction for blood, and how blood differs like e.g. ice-cream flavours. Which two flavours does he refer to?

  3. 3

    {Easy one} And so the lion fell in love with the-

  4. 4

    Edward: "Music in the ....... was good. Much better than the etc... Music when was good?

  5. 5

    The last words Bella hears James say are-

  6. 6

    The last phrase in the book....

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