Interesting Facts- True or False?

by: AJnoneya

Hey, it's me again.
Don't cheat, or your just a wacko.

  1. 1

    Did Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a novel, "Gadsby", which contains over 50,000 words -- none of them with the letter E?

  2. 2

    From the age of thirty, humans gradually begin to shrink in size?

  3. 3

    Did Henry Smythe make the first picture frame?

  4. 4

    Does it take about 63,000 trees to make the newsprint for the average Sunday edition of The New York Times?

  5. 5

    Does it take about 20,00 fibers to make a lamp shade?

  6. 6

    Do elephants sleep only 1-2 hour/s per day?

  7. 7

    Was Carly Elizabeth Walksh taken as a slave in the American Revolution?

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