Read Between the Lines

by: dazzleme12

What kind of books get you hooked? Check out this quiz and find out your book style!

  1. 1

    You're shipwrecked on a desert island. You plan to:

  2. 2

    Your computer user name is :

  3. 3

    You and a pal decide to go see a movie. You've got to see the one called:

  4. 4

    You're in the grocery store checkout line. Which magazine headline catches your eye?

  5. 5

    When you were little, you liked to play:

  6. 6

    The creatures that interest you most are:

  7. 7

    Its time to plan your family's summer vacation. You suggest:

  8. 8

    Your favorite board game is:

  9. 9

    On your birthday, the gift you want to open first is:

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