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r u sexi or r u not!!!!!!

by: jazzy1234 | Skip to Results

i bet yr not sexi enough to take this quiz!!!!

  1. 1

    how often do u look in tha mirror?

  2. 2

    what do u think about yr self?

  3. 3

    how tall are you?

  4. 4

    are you fat or skinny?

  5. 5

    umm no offence but yr fat?

  6. 6

    whats yr i q?

  7. 7

    whats yr race?

  8. 8

    r u male or female?

  9. 9

    what do you want to be when yr old enough to get a job?

  10. 10

    if your a girl how big is your butt? if your a guy are you gay?

  11. 11

    what state do u live in?

  12. 12

    do u have any pets and if you do, do u carry it around in your purse like an accesory?

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