Nursing Questions of the Week (Sep24)

by: rn_central

Nursing Questions now on its 3rd week!!!

  1. 1

    During a routine examination, the nurse notes that the client seems unusually anxious. Anxiety can affect the genitourinary system by:

  2. 2

    The nurse documents the presence of a scab on a client's deep wound. The nurse identifies this as which phase of wound healing?

  3. 3

    The nurse is teaching a client and his family about baclofen (Lioresal) therapy. Baclofen is an analogue of which neurotransmitter?

  4. 4

    The nurse is caring for a male client with gonorrhea. The client asks how he can reduce his risk of contracting another sexually transmitted disease (STD). The nurse should instruct the client to:

  5. 5

    The nurse is caring for an elderly bedridden adult. To prevent pressure ulcers, which intervention should the nurse include in the plan of care?

  6. 6

    The nurse is caring for a client with skin grafts covering third-degree burns on the arms and legs. During dressing changes, the nurse should be sure to:

  7. 7

    A client with Guillain-Barré syndrome develops respiratory acidosis as a result of reduced alveolar ventilation. Which combination of arterial blood gas (ABG) values confirms respiratory acidosis?

  8. 8

    As client recovers from gastric resection, the nurse observes for early manifestations of dumping syndrome. The vasomotor disturbances usually occur how soon after eating?

  9. 9

    A client in the short-procedure unit is recovering from renal angiography in which a femoral puncture site was used. When providing postprocedure care, the nurse should:

  10. 10

    The nurse is caring for a male client with gonorrhea who's receiving ceftriaxone and doxycycline. The client asks the nurse why he's receiving two antibiotics. How should the nurse respond?

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