Harry potter quotes. (movies)

by: sezzaaarrr
  1. 1

    who says 'why dont you run along and play with your chemistry set'

  2. 2

    'it was foolish of you to come here tonight tom'

  3. 3

    'i want to see the light leave your eyes'

  4. 4

    'now severus dont be a fool'

  5. 5

    'you bring her back, your bring her back right now'

  6. 6

    'your a wizard harry'

  7. 7

    'it was a dementor one of the guards of azkhban'

  8. 8

    'not here nynphadora'

  9. 9

    'im sorry professor i must not tell lies'

  10. 10

    'you lost me my servant'

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