Twilight series quotes

by: vampire__dancer

You think you know the whole Twilight series, word for word, by heart? Well, put those books out of reach, sit back, and prepare to be tested! TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!! 3.................... 2............................ 1.............................GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. 1

    Name that book!!!! "How can someone so tiny be so annoying?"

  2. 2

    Name that book!!!!!!!! "Don’t be afraid. We belong together."

  3. 3

    Name that book!!!! "I’m nothing if not thorough."

  4. 4

    Name that book!!!! "So, you’re the vampire girl."

  5. 5

    Name that book!!!! "Don’t lie to me, you suck at lying."

  6. 6

    Name that book!!!! "You don’t have to breathe?"

  7. 7

    Name that book!!!! "Let me go! I’m going to murder him! Traitor!"

  8. 8

    Name that book!!!! "I promise… I swear not to hurt you."

  9. 9

    Name that book!!!! "Death shouldn’t be this uncomfortable."

  10. 10

    Name that book!!!! "You are fairly ideal in every way."

  11. 11

    Who said that????? "She’s one of us now."

  12. 12

    Who said that????? "I won’t lose you, Bella. Not for this."

  13. 13

    Who said that????? "You look like hell, Bella."

  14. 14

    Who said that????? "Is it really sick for me to be happy right now?"

  15. 15

    Who said that????? "What if they don’t like me?"

  16. 16

    Who said that????? "Edward’s only human, Bella. He’s going to react like any other boy."

  17. 17

    Who said that????? "Over my pile of ashes."

  18. 18

    Who said that????? "She’s with us."

  19. 19

    Who said that????? "Truce over."

  20. 20

    Who said that????? "Fall down again, Bella?"

  21. 21

    Fill in the blank!!!!! "Ah, how I miss my friend Carlisle! You remind me of him—only he was not so ___." Aro, New Moon, Chapter 21, p.471

  22. 22

    Fill in the blank!!!!! "Did you know, you’re sort of _______?" Bella Swan, New Moon, Chapter 8, p.192

  23. 23

    Fill in the blank!!!!! "I can see this is going to be _______." James, Twilight, Chapter 21, p.427

  24. 24

    Fill in the blank!!!!! "Interesting _____ you keep." Demitri, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 36, p.696

  25. 25

    Fill in the blank!!!!! "Aro, my old friend. It has been _______." Carlisle Cullen, Breaking Dawn, Chapter 36, p.685

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