Would yewww be my next bf??

Would yewww be my next bf??

by: S_i_N_g_L_e_A_g_A_i_N

im single <3

  1. 1

    do yewww think im cute?

  2. 2

    what do yewww look for in a girll?

  3. 3

    would yewww kiss meee?

  4. 4

    would yewww have s** wit me on the first date, or would yewww wait till we are really serious in the relationshipp?

  5. 5

    do you wanna have kids??

  6. 6

    would you ever cheat on mee

  7. 7

    do u wanna gett married?

  8. 8

    if yewww were on a date wit me wat would u do?

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