Transformers Quiz (Harder version)

Transformers Quiz (Harder version)

by: MegatronLives

You may have taken the quiz on the Transformers, but this one is way harder and a total maniac in it can answer.

  1. 1

    Specifically where in Cybertron did the Autobots tried to stop Megatron to get the AllSpark and got Bumblebee's voice transmitter ripped out?

  2. 2

    What company is the manufacturer of Starscream's Alt form in the movie directed by Micheal Bay?

  3. 3

    How many lines did Bumblebee say in the movie directed by Micheal Bay without the radio transmission?

  4. 4

    Which episode in Transformers: Animated did show the identety of the double agent of the Decepticons to the audience but not to the Autobots?

  5. 5

    True or False: The actor who voiced G1 Starscream is the same as the one who voiced Cobra Comander in G.I. Joe?

  6. 6

    True or False: In the Transformers: Animated episode "Sound and Fury", Soundwave started out as a toy?

  7. 7

    Which of these Cobra troops was lost during the BotCon last 2007 and was interviewed in the Hasbro Podcast?

  8. 8

    What do you call a method in which the manufacturers of the Transformers toys re-sculpt, remove or add parts to a figure?

  9. 9

    What kind of Transformers figure is the smallest, easiest to transform, and the cheapest?

  10. 10

    Which of the following is NOT a Triple changer?

  11. 11

    When is the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen going to be?

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