What Kind of Mother are you?

by: bettyboop11376

What type of person are you? Are you caring, tough love, pushy, over protective?

  1. 1

    Your kids are going to be in a play and ask you to come and see them but it's on the day you have a metting with the boss you

  2. 2

    Your child comes home from school with a bruised eye You...

  3. 3

    Youe oldest daughter has a date with a school boy and asks if she can borrow the car you

  4. 4

    You bring home a new boyfreind and find that your kids don't like him at all you

  5. 5

    Your child comes over to you with the latest test it has an 80%on it you

  6. 6

    Your daughter comes home crying and says that her boyfreind just broke up with her you

  7. 7

    Your son runs up to you one day and pleads for you to buy him the new nikes every on has even though he got a 60% on his last quiz you

  8. 8

    Your four year old daughter comes home from school with a chunk of hair cut off of her head you

  9. 9

    You find out that your son has been drinking beer every weekend when he is with his father you

  10. 10

    Your kids are dying to spend the sunday with you at the park but your really tired you

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