What Naruto Character Are You??

by: Gaara_Girl4

Just be yourself and answer it like some freakish random person ran up to and started asking you questions!! ^ ^ (the results and questions will be funny but do not be offended by the result!!)

  1. 1

    Randomly while your asleep....your team-mate comes in and starts screaming. You:

  2. 2

    He stops screaming and he tells you that he was attacked and wet his pants. You:

  3. 3

    Later that day you have a really sucky mission and you have to help out at a flower shop. You:

  4. 4

    Okay so your sucky mission is over.....You get back and you have to take a creativity test tomorrow. You:

  5. 5

    Okay so the first question on the creativity test is make up a name....what name is it??

  6. 6

    The next question on the test is....what is your favorite color??

  7. 7

    Last Question on your creativity test is......What do you want the last question to be??

  8. 8

    Okay so pretend your naruto and sakura refused to go on a date with you. You:

  9. 9

    What is your favorite number??

  10. 10

    What is your blood type? P.S. + is positive and - is negitive

  11. 11

    Final question....which of these is closet to your birth day??

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