Generational Quiz

by: widget60

Today's society talks a lot about the four generations within the workplace and how to work with these groups. But how do you know which generation you belong to? Should you go by your birthday? What if your birthday falls very close to the "cut off" point between generations?

This fun quiz has been designed to help you distinguish which generation you best relate to. Hopefully by completing this quiz you will be able to reflect on your own generation and interpersonal relationships.

  1. 1

    In my generation birthday parties

  2. 2

    A favorite childhood drink of my generation was

  3. 3

    One of the biggest fashion statements of my generation was

  4. 4

    If my generation got into trouble, our moms would

  5. 5

    When someone from my generation grew up, we wanted to be

  6. 6

    Brother/sisters in my generation

  7. 7

    In the workplace my generation would

  8. 8

    An important factor that shaped my generation

  9. 9

    When my generation thinks of their fathers, they think about

  10. 10

    The first thing my generation wanted to buy after graduation was

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