Am I too Controlling?

Am I too Controlling?

by: ChopraCenter

Put a check next to the following statements if they apply to you hardly ever, most of the time, or always. Some of the statements may not sound flattering, but be as candid and honest about yourself as you can.

  1. 1

    1. I like to be in control of work situations and am much happier working alone than with others.

  2. 2

    2. When I’m under pressure, the easiest emotion for me to express is anger or irritability.

  3. 3

    3. I rarely tell anyone that I need them.

  4. 4

    4. I tend to harbor old hurts. Rather than telling someone that he or she hurt me, I would rather fantasize about getting even.

  5. 5

    5. I find it hard to admit being vulnerable. I don’t often say “I’m wrong.”

  6. 6

    6. I have high standards, which others sometimes mistake for criticism.

  7. 7

    7. I feel uncomfortable if someone gets too close to me emotionally.

  8. 8

    8. I’m neat and orderly. I like my way of doing things and find it hard to live with someone who is sloppy.

  9. 9

    9. I’m good at caring for other people’s needs, but then I get disappointed when they don’t think as much about mine.

  10. 10

    When I get into an argument with my spouse or lover, I can’t resist bringing up old grievances.

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