i need to know if he likes me... HELP!

by: SinGle_n_amazing

ok, i have liked this guy for two years and we are close friends. he is my best friend and like my brother. but one day when i was about to cry he kissed me and said he kinda liked me. but now he says its only as a friend but i think its so he doesnt make his friend, another guy who likes me, upset. HELP ME!

  1. 1

    he stares at me a sometimes in class...

  2. 2

    he knows more about me than a girl i have known longer than him

  3. 3

    he told me that when i dress more girly i look hott

  4. 4

    last time he hugged me, he didnt want to let go

  5. 5

    he lied to my parents about his fave football team just to impress them

  6. 6

    he never used to call me and just txt me but now he calls me all the time

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