Seven Deadly Sins "Sin Test"

Seven Deadly Sins "Sin Test"

by: AEHomeEntertainment

Just how evil are you? Here's a quick seven question quiz to help you find out. One quiz-taker will get A&E Home Video's Seven Deadly Sins ( & Seven Signs of the Apocalypse ( on DVD.

  1. 1

    (Gluttony) How would you describe your last meal?

  2. 2

    (Sloth) You spend an entire weekend sprawled on the couch drinking beer and eating Swedish Fish. Your immediate response to this level of inactivity is:

  3. 3

    (Wrath) Your roommate hasn't done dishes, taken out the trash, or contributed anything worthwhile to the dynamic of the apartment in eons. When you reach the brink you...

  4. 4

    (Envy) Your roommate's girlfriend gets him tickets to Opening Day for his birthday, and take him out for a steak dinner. She also promises to clean his petri dish of filth...

  5. 5

    (Lust) Two candidates emerge in a search for a new executive asst. - one, sharp as a tack, but average looking at best, and the other dumb as a box of rocks, but would hook up with you for certain...

  6. 6

    (Vanity) You would describe your morning routine as...

  7. 7

    (Greed) Which one of these notorious figures is more lacking in the benevolence department...

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