how girly are you?

how girly are you?

by: thatcutegirlyoulike

you want to find out how girly you are? girls, guys, it's open to everyone!! more girly the higher percentage you get, less girly the lower percentage you get. have fun!

  1. 1

    your fingernails/toenails are almost always painted

  2. 2

    during the summer the only shoes you wear are flip-flops

  3. 3

    your favorite toy as a kid was barbie

  4. 4

    your favorite color is pink or purple

  5. 5

    you did/do gymnastics

  6. 6

    you love skirts

  7. 7

    hollister is one of your favorite places to shop

  8. 8

    tight jeans are the only type of jeans you'll wear

  9. 9

    you LOVE chocolate

  10. 10

    you've never had a real job

  11. 11

    your hair is almost always straightened

  12. 12

    you have a myspace/facebook

  13. 13

    you love to go to the mall with friends

  14. 14

    you have a real diamond ring

  15. 15

    you've gone to a tanning salon

  16. 16

    you've gone to the beach JUST to tan

  17. 17

    you wear a shower cap

  18. 18

    you don't shop at hot topic

  19. 19

    your cell phone might as well be part of you

  20. 20

    you wear mascara everyday

  21. 21

    you've been or are on a diet

  22. 22

    you think bathing suits are cute

  23. 23

    you'd rather fail a class than miss a party

  24. 24

    you think big sunglasses are REALLY cute

  25. 25

    you've gotten your nails done before

  26. 26

    you own over ten purses

  27. 27

    MTV is one of your favorite channels

  28. 28

    you hate bugs

  29. 29

    you give an receive hugs from all your friends

  30. 30

    you love it when people do you hair

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