Do your friends REALLY like you?????

Do your friends REALLY like you?????

by: ShAwTiE96

Do your friends really like you?? Do they think your the best friend in the world and you rock, or do they think your fun at times and ok, or do they HATE UR GUTS?!

  1. 1

    Do your friends whisper to eachother when they are right next to you?

  2. 2

    If I went and interviewed your "friends" right now, what would they say you are like?

  3. 3

    Do your "frans" ever ignore you?

  4. 4

    Ok, so let's go on to your bff, 1st, do you have a bff?

  5. 5

    Would your frans ever use you to get wat they want???!!!

  6. 6

    What letter does your bffs name start with (if you dont got a bff, think of a fran thats the closest to a bff)

  7. 7

    Okay, so, you are totally crushing on your ENEMIES boyfriend and you want him, what does your bff or close fran tell you to do

  8. 8

    If you were stuck somwhere... hmm.. lets say.... at a "frans" house (not a real friend) and they were going do some bad stuff 2 u, would ur frans (real frans) come get you?

  9. 9

    Alright... I have a few names... if any of these names are your best friends name OR your closest fran than click on it.

  10. 10

    Do your frans like the Jonas Brothers????

  11. 11

    Okay, and lastly.......... have you ever called someone a MEAN name like a dawg, or sumthin like that MORE THAN ONCE??? (like have u called ANYONE that)

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