what type of boyfriend are you?

by: x0xsnowbellx0x

what kind of boyfriend are you match your own personal experiences with what your answer is in the blanks and see what kind of boyfriend you are! okay lets star!!!!!!!!

  1. 1

    what kind of boyfriend do you think a girl looks for in a guy?

  2. 2

    how old are you

  3. 3

    what year were you born

  4. 4

    when you take a girl out on the first date what do you think you'll do

  5. 5

    did you like taking this quiz

  6. 6

    how many girls have you dated?

  7. 7

    what do girls usually tell you after your first date

  8. 8

    what do you dream about at night

  9. 9

    what do you usually hear you parents tell you?

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