how crazy are you?

by: xtrystx

ever wonder what is wrong with you or your friends say you are a little crazy (or a lot) take this quiz to find out how crazy you are

  1. 1

    I see dead people

  2. 2

    it has been a while since I have eaten anything

  3. 3

    Someone is looking at you from the trees you can't see them they are

  4. 4

    sometime I hear someone calling my name or screaming

  5. 5

    Phone rings

  6. 6

    my therepist says I (if you don't have one what do you think?)

  7. 7

    I cry when

  8. 8

    Emotionally I am

  9. 9

    When I am feeling Lonely I,

  10. 10

    it is time to go party, BUT

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