wondering if youre a lesbian? than take this quiz!

by: teganlover6

so i know a lot of girls these days are confused about who they are. so im making this quiz to clear up at least one of the great mysteries of being a teenager. everybody asks themselves the question "am i gay?" at least one time during their life. so heres to being confused!! hope this helps.

  1. 1

    have you ever had feelings for another girl?

  2. 2

    do you ever get nervous around another girl?

  3. 3

    have you ever found another girl attractive?

  4. 4

    have you ever "accidentaly" bumped into another girl?

  5. 5

    have you ever been called a lesbian?

  6. 6

    have you ever thought you were a lesbian?

  7. 7

    do you care a lot about what people think about you?

  8. 8

    last question...just because im curious...will you rate and comment this quiz?

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