Are you wifey material or are you a stunt?

by: olsw24

So you think that your a good girl? Answer these questions and you might just find out that your a STUNT!

  1. 1

    your at a party you and this really cute dude keep locking eyes you exchange numbers but at the end of tha night you spot him lip locking with some one else you

  2. 2

    While grinding on a boy at party your putting it on him but afterutes you fe a few minel a bulge in his pants you

  3. 3

    If ya best friends boyfriend happens to be your favorite celebrity and he keeps flirting with you when shes not around you

  4. 4

    You been talking to the same boy off and on for 1yr he decides that he wants to meet y mother you

  5. 5

    U met a boy name mike yall start to have a intimate relationship but after the 3rd moth you find out his name is troy and he has 2kids you feel

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