Which background HERO are you?

by: BlackFirexx

Sure, the protagonists and main characters of the story usually deserve all the glory they get, but the true heroes never get enough attention. What about Faramir and Neville? Find out which one YOU relate to.

  1. 1

    An enemy spy has been captured and identified as the woman who killed your father:

  2. 2

    Two innocent children are walking directly into a trap that only you see:

  3. 3

    your greatest friend had just died, his final words begging you to join the battle against evil where you will surely die:

  4. 4

    the war is over, you've won. you celebrate by:

  5. 5

    A scout runs back to the fort half conscious. There is a new army outside ready to obliterate you:

  6. 6

    You are finally given time to relax:

  7. 7

    You discover that your friends are planning somthing that could not only hurt them, but also hurt you and the people around you:

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