Do You Love Her or Do You Just Want Some @$$? GUYS ONLY

by: tyerayle

This test will determine if your truly in love w/ ur gf wife. Or if you're just in the relationship for a bit of t&a.

  1. 1

    where did u meet ur gf/wife?

  2. 2

    wuld u do anything for ur significant other?

  3. 3

    wat did u notice first bout her

  4. 4

    y do u stay w/ her?

  5. 5

    wat part of her body do u luv the most?

  6. 6

    wuld u kill 2 b w/ ur gf/wife?

  7. 7

    if need b, how wuld u end ur relationship

  8. 8

    ur gf/wife is goin away 4 the weekend; wat do u do

  9. 9

    ur caught cheatin, wat do u do?

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