are you a fatty?

by: kobesnobe
  1. 1

    do you feel fat?

  2. 2

    stand straight up..look down wat do u see?

  3. 3

    sit down bend down and touch your toes...when u bended down to touch ure toes was it hard to breath?

  4. 4

    if theres a big tasty looking dounut on the floor would u pick it up and eat it?

  5. 5

    how many meals you eat a day?

  6. 6

    are u sweating rite now?

  7. 7

    do u eat at mcdonalds r subway

  8. 8

    jump up and down 5 times do u feel tired and wanna lay down?

  9. 9

    whyed u take this quiz

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