How Much Do U Know About "Batman"?

How Much Do U Know About "Batman"?

by: deephreshh

its about all around batman ot just the dark knight or justice league....
so if ur a true batman fan. u will pass fer sure

  1. 1

    Who is Batmans worst enemy?

  2. 2

    Who plays Batman in The Dark Knight?

  3. 3

    Who is his "Sidekick"?

  4. 4

    Whats his companies name?

  5. 5

    What city does he fight crime in?

  6. 6

    Whats the attorneys name?

  7. 7

    Whats his ex-girlfriends name?

  8. 8

    Who plays The Joker?

  9. 9

    Whats Batmans name?

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