What mythical creature are you?

What mythical creature are you?

by: ivicullen

Have you ever wondered what mystical power you might have if you were a mythical creature? Ever given a thought to how you might act or what you would be able to do? Well if you can answer yes to all these questions this quiz is just what you need. Vist my website: www.ividuo.weebly.com

  1. 1

    Which is the best?

  2. 2

    What food do you like best?

  3. 3

    Where would you rater live?

  4. 4

    Who do you think you are?

  5. 5

    Pick a number?

  6. 6

    Pick A Girl Name?

  7. 7

    Pick A Boy Name?

  8. 8

    Pick One

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