Who would you fall for? Werewolf, demon, vampire, angel 2

by: EllieRandom

Part two! Yeah! Okay, recap time: scary guy attacks you, hot guy saves you, hot guy is a demon, you pass out. Okay? Moving on then!

  1. 1

    You come to a bit later. You're lying on grass, staring at the sky through cracks in tree branches. It's really dark out, but you notice two pairs of eyes watching you, one red and one gold.

  2. 2

    As your eyes get used to the darkness, you see you're in a forest. The gold eyes belong to the demon from before, and the red ones to a boy you don't know. The boy looks to the demon. "Hey Nathan!" he

  3. 3

    The boy laughed. "Yup, definitely awake!" Nathan smiles down at you and offers you a hand. "I understand you must be a bit... confused, hun," he says reassuringly. You...

  4. 4

    "Um, yes," you manage to say. "Where am I, and why did you bring me here?" The boy laughs. "We aren't there yet! Just stopping for now, you're kind of heavy." Nathan smacks the boy's head.

  5. 5

    "Okay, tell me now!" you growl. "Who are you two? What do you want?" The two boys look at each other. Nathan sighs and glances back at you. "Well," he says slowly. "I'm Nathan, and I'm a demon."

  6. 6

    The boy beside him grins. "And I'm Harris," he tells you. "I'm a vampire. But don't worry, I'm not hungry!" He chuckles to himself and pulls a hand through his ginger hair. "Okay, but you keep avoidin

  7. 7

    Nathan frowns. "Her yammering is getting a bit annoying," he says as if you aren't even there. He turns to Harris. "Could you shut her up please?"Harris grins mischievously.

  8. 8

    Harris gently places a hand on your shoulder and leans in towards you. Is he gonna kiss me? you think. You feel a sharp pain in your shoulder. You gasp. Oh yeah, you remember, vampire...

  9. 9

    The last thing you see before your vision fades once more is Nathan, smiling at you in a teasing way. "Good night," he says with a wink. Your vision goes black. Lol, we end unconscious again!

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