How Well Do You Know The Underland Chronicles?

How Well Do You Know The Underland Chronicles?

by: sombrita

Well, how well do you know The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins? Take this problem-riddled, trick question-full, extremely-tough-at-times quiz to find out!

100 questions.

[Note: Some are seriously trick questions.Some you might've had to have been at to answer. Some don't even have a correct answer. TUC (C) Suzanne Collins and Scholastic Press]

Thanks all of those who helped :D This is for you guys.
Try not to cheat, and have fun!

  1. 1

    What is Gregor's lie as to where is dad has gone? (Book 1)

  2. 2

    How did Gregor insult the crawlers when he first met them after his fall? (Book 1)

  3. 3

    How many grain baskets was Luxa willing to trade the crawlers for Gregor and Boots? (Book 1)

  4. 4

    What font is used in the 2004 softcover (paperback) edition of Gregor the Overlander? (Book 1)

  5. 5

    Where was Gregor and Boots's bedroom in the palace conveniently close to? (Book 1)

  6. 6

    What did Boots have for dinner the night that she and Gregor tried to escape? (Book 1)

  7. 7

    "Overlander, we hunt you to the last rat." Who said this? (Book 1)

  8. 8

    Whatt object did Gregor's dad never go anywhere without? (Book 1)

  9. 9

    Vikus said to Gregor when they were discussing his father's capture, "To keep sanity must be a struggle, to keep honor a(n) ___ feat." Fill in the blank. (Book 1)

  10. 10

    Which line is NOT in "The Prophecy of Gray"? (Book 1)

  11. 11

    What is Gregor's favorite color? (Book 1)

  12. 12

    Keeda flies into the council's meeting room near the High Hall, bleeding profusely. Who does she claim has died? (Book 1)

  13. 13

    Why didn't Gregor jump into the darkness, leaving himself to the bats, in the fliers' land? (Book 1)

  14. 14

    In the crawlers' land, Gregor wakes up in the middle of the night. What does he find is happening? (Book 1)

  15. 15

    What do the spinners do when Gregor arrives in their land? (Book 1)

  16. 16

    What move do Aurora and Luxa have to perform and why? (Book 1)

  17. 17

    On which page of the 2004 softcover (paperback) version of Gregor the Overlander does Luxa thank Gregor for saving her? (Book 1)

  18. 18

    "Well, since obviously no one's going back to dreamland, we may as well make tracks for your father." Who said this? (Book 1)

  19. 19

    How did Gregor's dad look two years, seven months, and thirteen days ago? (Book 1)

  20. 20

    What did smexxy Henry do? (Book 1)

  21. 21

    What color blood did Gox have? (Book 1)

  22. 22

    What bat said that Ares was bonded to Henry when the Underlanders tried to banish him? (Book 1)

  23. 23

    What is word number 27 on the summary on the back (or inside cover) or the book? (Book 1)

  24. 24

    Who is Suzanne Collins's editor? (All Books)

  25. 25

    How good was Mrs. Cormaci's sauce? (Book 2)

  26. 26

    What hung from the lampposts? (Book 2)

  27. 27

    Why is Ares mad at Gregor? (Book 2)

  28. 28

    "None of us wish to fight, but we all do." --__. Fill in the blank. (Book 2)

  29. 29

    Okay, time to learn YOUR opinion of something. Of course, your opinion may not be right. Is Stellovet hot? (Book 2)

  30. 30

    What is Gregor's reaction to Luxa's story about the picnic with her Fount cousins? (Book 2)

  31. 31

    In which chapter does Gregor begin his echolocation lesson? (Book 2)

  32. 32

    What is 'Zap' spelled backwards? (Book 2)

  33. 33

    Who would be the next crowned Underlander of Regalia if Vikus and Solovet died? (Book 2)

  34. 34

    What is Gregor compared to when he is in the whirlpool? (Book 2)

  35. 35

    How many pages are in the 2005 softcover (paperback) edition of Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane? (Book 2)

  36. 36

    What does Twitchtip tell Gregor about himself one night on the boat? (Book 2)

  37. 37

    What was clever of Gregor to know when the mites were after Ares? (Book 2)

  38. 38

    When the group has to jump off of the boat because of the serpents, how does it describe the way Temp's shaking? (Book 2)

  39. 39

    How many times had Henry and Ares scored in the ball game that was going on when Gregor first arrived in the Underland? (Book 2, referring to Book 1)

  40. 40

    What color is the Bane?

  41. 41

    Gregor defends Howard and Andromeda. Why? (Book 2)

  42. 42

    What does Vikus tell Gregor when they are discussing what happened in the Labyrinth? (Book 2)

  43. 43

    Who does the cover art for all five of the Underland books? (All books)

  44. 44

    Who is this book dedicated to? (Book 3)

  45. 45

    What does Gregor do with the scroll when Lizzie comes to the bathroom door? (Book 3)

  46. 46

    What was Larry drawing on his napkin at lunch? (Book 3)

  47. 47

    Why does Gregor want to go down to meet Ripred? (Book 3)

  48. 48

    How many words are in the pleading note to Gregor? (Book 3)

  49. 49

    What does Gregor give Ripred as a snack? (Book 3)

  50. 50

    Why is Gregor not allowed to talk to Ares? (Book 3)

  51. 51

    How does Chapter Nine start? (Book 3)

  52. 52

    Where is Gregor's mom's bite? (Book 3)

  53. 53

    What look does Ripred give Gregor when Gregor says he'll go to the Arch of Tantalus? (Book 3)

  54. 54

    How is the introduction between Gregor and Co. and Hamnet and Co. begin? (Book 3)

  55. 55

    What adjective is used to desribe how Hazard skipped over a root when he's walking in the jungle, talking to Boots? (Book 3)

  56. 56

    Gregor is so very thirsty that....what? (Book 3)

  57. 57

    Where does Hamnet choose for a resting spot around the time Temp, Boots, and Hazard sing the A-B-C song? (Book 3)

  58. 58

    Which rat was able to chew gum? (Book 3)

  59. 59

    On page 209, Gregor... (Book 3)

  60. 60

    In what way does Luxa fall from the vines? (Book 3)

  61. 61

    Is the starshade important? (Book 3)

  62. 62

    Why is Boots so annoying at times? (Book 3)

  63. 63

    What was the name of the cutter that Gregor killed first? (Book 3)

  64. 64

    Dr. Neveeve... (Book 3)

  65. 65

    How long did Gregor think it was cool to look like a mummy for? (Book 3)

  66. 66

    Which place is NOT mentioned in the list of where the books are sold? (All books)

  67. 67

    When Mrs. Cormaci met an Underland bat, and it got lint in its ear, how did Suzanne Collins describe the way she brushed it away? (Book 4)

  68. 68

    What does Ripred call the Bane? (Book 4)

  69. 69

    Why is six afraid of seven? (Book 4...actually a real joke but w/e)

  70. 70

    How does the tune to the song Gregor and Luxa danced to go? (Book 4)

  71. 71

    When Gregor and Co. reach the nibblers' colony, what do they find in the caves?

  72. 72

    What happens while in the Swag? (Book 4)

  73. 73

    "Where are the others?" -- Cartesian. But his question holds meaning - where are they? (Book 4)

  74. 74

    Who said, "Everyone has troubles, and no one helps,"? (Book 4)

  75. 75

    How does Luxa mean to fulfill her oath, 'The Vow to the Dead'? (Book 4)

  76. 76

    How many eyes did the larger scorpion have? (Book 4)

  77. 77

    Where do Gregor and Co. find Ripred? (Book 4)

  78. 78

    Is the Queen angry? (Book 4)

  79. 79

    What affect do the currents have on the bats? (Book 4)

  80. 80

    Who died after the Queen erupted? (Book 4)

  81. 81

    What does Gregor tell Vikus? (Book 4)

  82. 82

    What paperback company is used? (All books)

  83. 83

    How many times is the word 'tick' written before "The Prophecy of Time" is written? (Book 5)

  84. 84

    Why is Gregor protective of his new sword? (Book 5)

  85. 85

    "Can you meet me at the place?" What place does Gregor mean when he asks Ares of this? (Book 5)

  86. 86

    What is Gregor's perfect excuse to leave the room? (Book 5)

  87. 87

    On what page do you find out that... (Book 5)

  88. 88

    When it becomes known that Gregor is in love with Luxa, what happens to his face? (Book 5)

  89. 89

    Who ate the cheese? (Book 5)

  90. 90

    What is a policy of the Regalians'? (Book 5)

  91. 91

    "Okay." Who says this? (Book 5)

  92. 92

    Who are Scalene's siblings? (Book 5)

  93. 93

    How many diggers were sniffing around, and later fighting, Gregor? (Book 5)

  94. 94

    What does Gregor pile on the floor so he and Luxa don't have to sit on the stone in the museum? (Book 5)

  95. 95

    How long was the gash that Gregor opened over the Bane's eye? (Book 5)

  96. 96

    Which page in the softcover (paperback) 2008 edition of Gregor and the Code of Claw holds the message written about Twitchtip? (Book 5)

  97. 97

    How many gnawers has Lapblood recruited? (Book 5)

  98. 98

    What does the Bane believe? (Book 5)

  99. 99

    What happens as Gregor leans back on the bench? (Book 5)

  100. 100

    What is Gregor's last name? (All books)

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