Ouran Host club sleepover!! WOOT  4 grlz only!

Ouran Host club sleepover!! WOOT 4 grlz only!

by: otakupandawuvsDeThNoTeXD

YAY!!! MY 2ND QUIZZ!!!!! WOOT! kk so this 1s all ouran no random charactors T_T...... oh well ^_^. soo,on with the quizzz! and what they think!

  1. 1

    ok u get to the 3rd music room first! and haruhi is there! (haru-chan say hi! haruhi~ hello!)

  2. 2

    yay the twins r here! XD hey guys!!!! Twins~ hey z-chan! evil smerk me~o crap! twins~ Woot! put o big bucket of slime on the door fram

  3. 3

    tamaki walks in splush!!! tamaki~ ewwie! U evil dopplegangers! twins~ woot! it worked XD me and haruhi~ sigh bakaz

  4. 4

    kyoya walks in shaddo king!!! hi!! XD Kyoya~ umm hi? Me~ ^_^' ha ha ha! u look silly

  5. 5

    kk mori and hunni come in! Hunni~ hi Z-CHAN!! XD huggle Mori ~....hey.... me~ Hi!

  6. 6

    movie time pick 1 XD!!!! every1~ WOOT/YAY!

  7. 7

    kk so after the movie every1 fell asleep! coment and rate please!

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