Is Your Best Guy Friend In Love With You?

Is Your Best Guy Friend In Love With You?

by: Xx_Savannah_xX

Does your Best Guy Friend love you? Just take this Quiz to find out... and if your impressed with my Quiz than maybe afterwards you can send me a Friend Request...

  1. 1

    When you approach him... what does he do?

  2. 2

    When you're together how does he act?

  3. 3

    Do you spend alot of time together?

  4. 4

    When he sees you outside of school he...

  5. 5

    Has he ever come to you house?

  6. 6

    Does he ever call/ text you?

  7. 7

    Does he ever give/buy you things?

  8. 8

    Does he ever do things for you?

  9. 9

    Do you think that he likes you?

  10. 10

    Let me ask you something... do you love your Best Guy Friend?

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