worlds randomest quiz!

by: luvvybuhbby

random enough for yah?
leave a commentz!

  1. 1

    why did the chicken cros the road?

  2. 2

    konichiwa baka!!!!???

  3. 3

    are u emo

  4. 4

    oh yeah well! nnice hairrrrrrrrr

  5. 5

    where are we goingg.? where are we going?

  6. 6

    which smile is cooler?

  7. 7

    lube it up yo!

  8. 8

    hay hay rich boy look my way, hay hay hay rich boy make my day, trhow tht money in da skyy

  9. 9

    kid says:mommy, where do babbies come from? mom says:......

  10. 10

    figure out the secret message!

  11. 11

    contest number one is: a lovely brunnette contestant number 2 is: a spicey hot latina! contestan number 3 is a :

  12. 12

    ur baby can read!

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