Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

by: rachelperson95

If you get 1-5 questions correct, you get no money.
If you get 6-9 questions correct, you get a thousand dollars.
If you get all 10 questions correct, you get a million dollars!

  1. 1

    First grade science. Which of the following is a mammal?

  2. 2

    first grade English. Complete the phrase, an apple a day keeps the _.

  3. 3

    Second grade history. Christopher Columbus came across the Americas in the late part of which century?

  4. 4

    second grade history. America is named after

  5. 5

    third grade math. (4-3)+1=

  6. 6

    third grade geography. The capital of new york is

  7. 7

    fourth grade science. Igneous rocks are formed from

  8. 8

    fourth grade english. Her hair is like a blazing fire is an example of a

  9. 9

    fifth grade music. Who didn't compose classical music?

  10. 10

    Fifth grade million dollar question. sand, frilled, leopard,greenland. These are types of

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