help! does my crush like me??

by: falling_hard_for_you

guyzz i realllyyy need help!! i've liked this guy for 4 years & i can't tell if he likes me back or nottt!!! i need helpp!!!

  1. 1

    in the 4th grade his best friend told me he liked me then the next year he kept staring at me

  2. 2

    he's always teasing me & making fun of me at random times but i'm the only person he doesn tht to

  3. 3

    he always stares at me in class, and looks away when i catch him...but sometimes he doesnt look away!

  4. 4

    he's never dated anyone, and he's kinda shy but i'm the same way so i can't really tell...

  5. 5

    he tries to show off around me

  6. 6

    he gets nervous around me

  7. 7

    he'll try to do better at things then i do and we'll have competitions

  8. 8

    i told my bgf whose friends with him i like him , and when he told my crush i like him my crush said "ik"

  9. 9

    i'm pretty sure he knows i like him but he acts like he doesnt

  10. 10

    after my bgf told my crush i like him, at the end of the year the only thing my crush wrote in my yearbook was the word "yes" and idk what it means....

  11. 11

    my told my 2 guy friends about what he wrote and one said "ohhhh.......!" and one said " i hate how girls get excited over every little thing! he's a random person he says random things all the time!"

  12. 12

    a coulpe years ago, my crush always make up random nicknames for me and drew random pictures of my cuz he knew it made me mad (:

  13. 13

    a few years ago my crush had the choice of sitting next to me diagonal from his friend, or by his other friend & choose to sit nxt to me

  14. 14

    he always blames me for doing everything & he'll randomly take my papers & make it so i won't want them back (by sitting on them and stepping on them)

  15. 15

    he avoids me during school dances & gets nervous when i'm near him...

  16. 16

    during class sometimes we ramdomly talk and sing hannah montana to make fun of her with r other friends too then we both get in trouble..

  17. 17

    when he's around his friends he's very loud and funny but when he's just by me he's quiet and shy

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