Chapter 1 Long-term Care and the Nursing Assistant's Role vocab plus trueor false part 1

by: marie102374

this quiz is for nursing. cna and im just going over chapter 1. all units.
so good luck and make me proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. 1

    care performed in hospitals for tempotary, but serious, illness or injuries.

  2. 2

    care provided in a persons home

  3. 3

    care for a person who have six months or less to live

  4. 4

    person who lives in a nursing home

  5. 5

    care performed by specially-trained therapist to restore or improve function after illness or injury

  6. 6

    care given at a facility during daytime work hours; generally, it is for people who need some help but are not seeriously ill or disabled.

  7. 7

    care provided for persons who need some help with daily care and possibly medications, but do not need skilled care

  8. 8

    24- hour care and help for long term conditions; other terms for this type of care are nursing homes or extended care facilities

  9. 9

    short term care usually provided for less than 24 hours for persons who have had treatments or surgery

  10. 10

    conditions that last a long period of time.

  11. 11

    care in a hospital or nursing home for persons who need more observation and care than some long term care facilities.

  12. 12

    LTC facilties do not have dementia units

  13. 13

    nonprofit organizations can own LTC facilties

  14. 14

    subacute care is never offered in a LTC facility

  15. 15

    when specialized care is offered in a LTC facility, employees may have specail training.

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