Does he Like you?

by: Guffer

I'm too bored to write an intro... just take the stupid quiz-you know what to do!

  1. 1

    Does he ever bring up your boyfriend/x-boyfriend/crush/love life status?

  2. 2

    Do you ever catch him GAZING INTO YOUR EYES

  3. 3

    Does he ever try to do things that annoy you?

  4. 4

    Does he ever ask you to take him places at school? (ex. bathroom, main office, lunch room to drop off money, nurses...)

  5. 5

    does he ever hold the door for you at school or wherever else you see him?

  6. 6

    Do you think he likes you?

  7. 7

    do you WANT him to like you

  8. 8

    last one... if you like this quiz, you will take my others and tell people about how AWESOME i am! (this could hurt your score so THINK! ( : just kidding. but it wouldn't hurt... i'm so cool!!!)

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