xxx.paramore lyrics

xxx.paramore lyrics

by: KittyKatBar_xD

paramore lyrics... (7 questions)

match the lyrics to the song tittle

if u have any quiz ideas, comment or message me. thx

  1. 1

    ....i'll write you just to let you know, that i'm all right....

  2. 2

    ....i can't trust myslelf with anything but this....

  3. 3

    ...let's take it from the top, she's got a body like an hour glass that's ticking like a clock...

  4. 4

    ...right now your the only reason im not letting go oh, and time out when everyone's worth pleasing...

  5. 5

    ...well how did we get here, i thought i known you so well, well how did we get here....

  6. 6

    ...rock and roll honey, don't you know that we're all alone now, now give me something to sing about...

  7. 7

    ...with all the things we said and not a minute spent to that we won't regret, so we just take it back...

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