Twilight Guys on Earth!!! Who's your perfect match? ~- 1 -~

Twilight Guys on Earth!!! Who's your perfect match? ~- 1 -~

by: ThatOneShadow

This quiz is basically set up as this: The guy characters from Twilight come from their world, into ours! Answer the questions that go along with the storyquiz to find out who your perfect Twilight match is! =D

  1. 1

    "Pleeease, Mom??! I won't be long! I just want to look!" you begged your mother as you stared into the mall. "__, you know very well that you will not only look, but buy," your mom complained.

  2. 2

    But then she sighed, and you knew you could go even before the words were out of her mouth. You shot off towards the mall and straight to the small, privately owned Twilight store.You were gonna get..

  3. 3

    As soon as you brought the item to the clerk, you heard shouting outside the store. You paid quickly and peeked outside to find a fight going on! Three against one, how unfair! You stepped out...

  4. 4

    "Quit! Stop! You're gonna hurt someone!" you shouted as you ran over to them. Immediatly, all four of their faces snapped to yours, and you gasped. Three pairs of golden eyes... "Wha- Who are you?!"

  5. 5

    They didn't say anything at first, giving you time to look. All the boys looked to be in their teens, and all of them seemed to be perfect.. Even the nongolden-eyed one. You stared at..

  6. 6

    The boy you were staring at was just about to open his mouth to speak, when you heard a shrill, familiar scream! All of your heads whipped around, looking past the other mall-goers, and saw your mom!

  7. 7

    "He has her! Go!" the bronze-haired boy told the others, and, faster than you thought possible, the others shot past you towards your mom and the man dragging her away. "MOM!!" you shouted, stunned.

  8. 8

    It all happened so fast you couldn't even see what was going on. One second, four boys were beside you, who you just knew had to be Edward, Emmett, and Jasper Cullen and Jacob Black. The next...

  9. 9

    And the next the man that had been dragging your mom away was suddenly and frighteningly up in your face, breathing, quite literally, down your neck! You screamed, and tried to stumble backwards away.

  10. 10

    Before you could run,you heard someone shout "NO!!" as teeth sank into your neck.You gasped,and then the man was ripped away from you in a blur of motion,and someone was above you! But who?! RESULTS!

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