Omg help. I'm so confused

by: Jsap

Does he like me. Please help me. I've been guessing for about a year.

  1. 1

    He's always joking around with me when we were around each other. But once his friends are around he jokes with me in a totally different way. Then they leave and it's back to normal

  2. 2

    When I called him, we were laughing. And saying a prank I should do to my teacher sence he couldn't be there the next day. That was the only time we talked via home phone

  3. 3

    When he broke his arm and was out of school for like ever. He was glad when we finally talked.

  4. 4

    His friends always tell me he likes me, but in a joking way

  5. 5

    He accepted my friend request on facebook, and then never responds to what I write

  6. 6

    We always pull pranks on each other. Almost everyday. Once I took everything from his locker and put it in mine

  7. 7

    Once when my friend was 'mad' at him we were going to wait for him to walk by and then chase him. But he noticed us and smiled an innocent smile at me not my friend, and ran off so we can't get him

  8. 8

    He's normally pretty good at comming up with come backs. But one day I told him his drawing of a dragonfly looks emo he laughs and says NO YOUR EMO and I ask how and he says u have no idea

  9. 9

    we dared each other to do different things and he dared me to make fun of our teacher and I denied then told him to ask out this girl and he denied so I told him to dance on top of a table and he did

  10. 10

    During soccer in gym, we even though on seperate teams talked to each other the whole time pretending to guard each other.

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