HOw far would you go for a million dollars?

by: Noel_Ardnek4ever

Some people will do just about anything for money. What would u do for a $1,000,000? So here's the thing. Your on a new reality show that says you can get a million dollars..for a price. A roadtrip tp downtown humiliation. Lets see "How Far You''ll Go for A MIllion Dollars".

  1. 1

    First task: Stand at the entrance of ur local mall in nothign but a t-shirt and underwear saying "Buy one get one free!"

  2. 2

    Next: Go up to the nearest couple u can find and ask if they will do the can-can wit u.(CATCH-You hav to wear a bunny suit when asking)(BTW:Not playboy bunny)

  3. 3

    Go up to a local business man and ask him if he needs a drink. If he says yes, spray him with a bottle of seltzer!(BONUS POINTS IF HES OLD AND GRUMPY)

  4. 4

    Go to Hollywood and (cough,cough) Shake what ur mama gave ya!

  5. 5

    Be a contestant on 'Wipeout"

  6. 6

    Last One: Did u like this quiz?

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