whats your signiture smile???( girls , srry. ill make a guy one later)

by: Gracie_13

uh..i hope you like it.


  1. 1

    LOok at the nearest picture of you on the wall..or if there is none smile in the mirror real quick. what did you see?

  2. 2

    these questions will sorta randomly but not randomly match you up. kk?)

  3. 3

    YOu have five minutes till the bus comes( or you leave for school) what are you most likely doing??

  4. 4

    your entering the bus( if you dont ride one imagine) where do you sit??

  5. 5

    your at lunch, who do you sit by??

  6. 6

    sorry these are stupid questions

  7. 7

    whats your fav color???

  8. 8

    what phrase do you usually use??

  9. 9

    what three words describes you best????

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