How well can you read faces?

How well can you read faces?

by: writerjess

There are seven universal facial expressions found in every culture. These are programmed into the facial muscles, particularly those around the eyes and mouth. Take this quiz to find out how savvy you are at reading these seven core emotions.

  1. 1

    A tightening and slight raising of the lip corner displays the emotion of

  2. 2

    The corners of the lips pull up and the muscles around the eyes relax, indicating

  3. 3

    Raised eyebrows, wide open eyes and an open mouth indicate

  4. 4

    In this emotion, brow muscles move inward and downward, creating a hard stare

  5. 5

    Clenched nostrils, pursed lips and the corners of the lips pulled downward show

  6. 6

    During this emotion, the eyes widen, the upper lip rises, the mouth opens, and the lips stretch horizontally

  7. 7

    The corners of the lips pull downward and the eyes lower in this emotion

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